BroHomo Collective wins the 3rd Rainbow Ball Award

The Rainbow Ball Award 2024 was given to BroHomo Collective. You can find all information here.

During the 26th Vienna Rainbow Ball, the 3rd Rainbow Ball Award, including prize money of € 2,500, was officially awarded with the kind support of Out@L'Oréal/L'Oréal, an internal LGBTQIA+ network of L'Oréal Groupe employees. The winning project selected in advance by the Rainbow Ball organizing team was BroHomo Collective.

"With our work and our drag, we want to empower trans* and non-binary people in particular and give them a stage," said Karl Klit and Dixi Glow from BroHomo.


Award 2024

"Beauty is not bound by sexual orientation, origin, social status, age or physical limitations. The same applies to art, which is as diverse as we are as a society. For people to be able to express their art and their diversity, they need a stage and this is exactly what BroHomo Collective provide with their work," says Deborah Kutsch from the Out@L'Oréal network.