Be part of our volunteer team!

For a big event like the Rainbow Ball, numerous helpers in various fields of work are one of the most important pillars. We would be very happy if you were part of the team in 2025 and became a part of the Rainbow Ball. We can offer all volunteers the following in return:

  • Free admission to the ball
  • Catering (depending on sponsors)
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Important information for volunteers

FAQs for volunteers

We need support in many areas. For example, we need help with:

  • admission and ticket control, control at sensitive entrances and exits
  • set-up and dismantling (before and after the ball)
  • the tombola or ball giveaways

Approximately, a shift lasts about three to four hours. You decide how much you can and want to support. However, we are happy to have many helping hands who support us throughout the evening. Choose your own shift in our volunteer portal ATLAS.

Any activity around the Rainbow Ball is exclusively voluntary and should be based on the personal commitment of each individual, who thus makes an important contribution to the financing of the projects of HOSI Vienna. However, we can offer each volunteer the following in return:

  • Free admission to the ball
  • Catering (depending on the sponsors)

There are shifts during, before and after the ball. You can find the exact times on our volunteer portal ATLAS.

There are various positions and locations throughout the evening of the ball where volunteers work. Find your own location in our volunteer portal „ATLAS“.

We need the photo and date of birth for the personalised ID cards with which you can freely enter the ball premises. With a photo and date of birth, this ID card is not transferable.

At the ball, evening dress is compulsory for all. Also in the course of your volunteer work we ask you not to come in street clothes. You can find more information about the dress code here

Yes, a preliminary meeting will take place. For staff members who are assigned to the entrances, this preliminary meeting is obligatory!

The meeting will take place on Monday, 22 January 2024, at 7 pm at Das Gugg - Café of HOSI Vienna.

For organisational reasons, we ask you to be at the Parkhotel Schönbrunn between 17:00 and 17:15 so that you can take part in the preliminary meeting.

Yes, 16 years of age.

No, we are happy if you stay. You are therefore welcome to attend the ball before and after your shift.

Shifts and positions

You can support us with different shifts at different times, during, before and after the ball. As a rule, a shift lasts about three to four hours. You decide how much you can and want to support. Depending on your position, you can experience the ball from a variety of perspectives.

Choose your own shift and position in our volunteer portal ATLAS.

What positions are there?

All shifts

Representatives of the press and guests of honour will be accredited and receive an admission wristband.

The box office is supported with press accreditation.

They will also help with looking after the media representatives.

Everything that is needed on the evening of the ball has to be set up and also dismantled and packed away again after the end of the ball.

There are different areas for the set-up, e.g. the set-up of the tombola.

Here the already prepared ball giveaways are distributed to the ball guests going home.

Tickets and ID cards are checked.

All tickets are scanned and then each visitor receives an admission wristband.

Furthermore, people who show a reduced admission ticket will be asked for the corresponding ID. This must be shown together with the admission ticket.

Only those who already have an admission wristband will be admitted here. Tickets cannot be scanned here and must be referred to the main entrances.

On Friday before the ball the truck is loaded and on Sunday everything has to be unloaded and brought back to the warehouse.

Location: Das Gugg, Heumühlgasse 14, 1040 Vienna

This is where all volunteers check in and receive their documents (e.g. personal ID card, information flyer, etc.), and where the reserves report every half hour.

Here the food (sausages, vegan dishes and drinks - depending on the sponsors) is handed out to the volunteers.

Here the guests are taken to the paid tables. Shortly before the opening, they help to clear and keep the dance floor free.

The reserve reports to the staff check-in (position 5) every half hour. Here they are assigned according to the work they have to do.

  • Fixed task of reserve 1: clearing the dance floor in the ballroom before the opening.
  • Fixed task of reserve 2: Partial clearing of the dance floor in the ballroom before the midnight interlude.

Ticket sale

This is where tombola tickets are sold for the lucky draw. Each team (2 people) has a certain number of tickets to sell.

The shift ends with the sale of the last ticket. So if you are quick, you will finish the shift earlier.

Couples who come to the shift together can work together. Individuals will find a partner on the spot.

Prize distribution

From around 2:15, the lucky draw tickets (of a certain colour) will be exchanged for tombola prizes here.

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You have further questions? Get in touch with us!

+43 660 216 66 05